About Us

Company Background

SASCO specialized in Air Duct and Air Diffusion Manufacture, HVAC projects, mechanical engineering projects such as pressure vessels, storage tank, steel structure, process piping, pipelines, major repairs/replacement of pipelines, equipments etc.

SASCO is the leading HVAC Products such as AHU, FCU, HVAC Ductwork and Air diffusion manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates since 1996. Dating back to 1977, SASCO has its roots in sheet metal work since it was first established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, making a total experience of over thirty years in the ductwork business.

With over 300,000 square feet of factory floor area, the factory capacity is such that it is able to offer one of the most reliable and efficient HVAC products manufacture services in Abu Dhabi. Through continuous expansion and diversification, focusing on its key strengths and adapting to the needs of its clients, SASCO offers a wide range of HVAC products such AHU, FCU, Air duct and Air diffusion manufacture, duct installation and air noise solution to a great number of construction companies in Abu Dhabi.

SASCO products manufactured using state-of-the-art computerized machinery such as Auto Fold, CNC Shearing machines, CNC Plasma Cutting machines, and Auto seaming machines. The products manufactured are tested according to ASHRAE Standards. Duct construction as per DW144 /ASHRAE standards provides superior strength, low leakage rate and vibration free products. Awareness of customer requirements in this field has led SASCO to adapt their products to suit even the most demanding needs. SASCO unrivaled ability to harness and nurture expertise has resulted in a significant expansion of their acoustic product range and the division is now one of Abu Dhabi providers of air sound solutions to industrial and commercial sectors.