Quality Assurance

Sasco Airconditioning Industries Quality Assurance

Quality Management

SASCO Quality management system has been assessed and certified as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Although the term quality has got a distinct interpretation from people to people, SASCO’s team of personnel wholeheartedly working toward to deliver a superior and unsurpassable quality for the products offered to the customer. The extensive chain starts from the incoming raw material inspection to the fully finished product. In fact, the process of ensuring quality of the products pass through an extensive linked chain of subsequent stages from reception to dispatch. The suppliers/vendors of SASCO are rated and evaluated based on certain industrial acceptable criteria prior to approval and upon receiving the material. It is inspected based on the acceptance sampling procedure. The suppliers are periodically evaluated in order to ensure their consistent performance of quality. The received materials are kept in controlled environment to prevent damage due to atmospheric condition or aging.

The requisite amount of material for an order is released based on the lucid bill of materials in coordination with the store manager and the representative foreman so that the requirement will be met without any flaw. The required coil is loaded in the automated duct folding machine that makes the duct as per the information fed with allowance for duct seam. From the automated duct folder, the duct is then passed to the lock forming section where the duct assembly is completed. The quality of the coating, make and lock seam are checked and identification label is affixes before passing to the subsequent flange fitting section where the flanges and reinforcement stiffener is installed in the duct. The ready to deliver material is then shifted to the warehouse after final inspection.

The highly advanced CNC plasma cutting machine is used for cutting the fitting pieces. The pre-programmed data is fed to the machine from the distantly located computer and hard copy of the same is provided to the operator. The operator in conjunction with the data provided, load the required sheet that is released after the inspection. In order to ensure the finish of cutting, the plasma machine and accessories is subjected to extensive preventive and periodic maintenance procedures and the life of the electrode is predetermined to avoid black uneven edges after cutting. The cut pieces are then marked and put together according to the numbers to ease the fabricators job

Health, Safety& Environmental Management

SASCO environmental management system has been assessed and certified as conforming to the requirement of OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001: 2015.

We believe that safety and health environment at work is extremely essential for all individual engaged at work. We believe that such an environment will lead to overall quality improvement and growth of the organization. In order to attain and maintain high standard of safety, health and environment at work place. The same is ensured by:

  • All employees are adequately instructed about their duties and are trained in various aspects of safety, health and environment.
  • All individual who work in factory premises strictly adhere to safety manual.
  • Safety, health and environment issues are integrated in all management decision, especially in selection procedure of material, machinery, equipment and also selection / Placement of personnel.
  • Necessary personal protective equipment are provided to employees and that are regularly used.
  • Potentially hazards are periodically assessed necessary precautionary measures taken proactively.
  • Interest and enthusiasm in safety effort are promoted by recognition of good safety performance.